Community Outreach

Ocean Netowrks Canada

AUVic has worked along side Ocean Networks Canada in a multitude of outreach activities. From early September through late March, AUVic and ONC conducted the SeaPerch robotics program through its first iteration. Students from St. Margret’s and St. Michael’s University School constructed their own ROVs from PVC pipe, DC motors, and a simple motor controller board. The students learned how to solder, cut and connect pipe, and learned the basics of buoyancy and electronics. AUVic assistant teachers and ONC staff by guiding along soldering workshops, construction, handling, and scientific discussion to each class involved.

St. Michael's University School Science Fair

AUVic assisted in orchestrating and guiding the middle school students at SMUS through a science fair. Members at AUVic offered guidance on how to write a scientific and engineering paper, as well as helping students with more intense projects. AUVic also came in to judge the science fair and help guide students who showed interest in entering the regional science fair.

Victoria Scouts Group

AUVic hosted a scouts group, mostly high school students, and showed them what we do here at UVic. We talked to the students about what it’s like being a university students in engineering as well as what we do at AUVic.

Science Literacy Event

AUVic hosted a table at the Victoria Rec. Centre’s science literacy event. The event focused on the oceans and modern technologies used in ocean research. AUVic presented work on our AUVs and environmental challenges faced when designing and testing an AUV.

ONC Ocean Science Symposium

AUVic’s third return to the annual OSS event here in Victoria. AUVic presented the challenges of designing circuitry in an aquatic environment. The discussion was augmented by an activity; the participants design waterpipe circuits with restrictions to emulate electronic work for AUVs.

University events